Monday, April 19, 2010

Camera Walks

This coming Sunday we'll not only begin our fourth year meeting together with our friends at Skyline, but also host something called "camera walks."

Some among us will meet at 415 Westlake at 10am to spend time walking through the South Lake Union neighborhood, snapping photos at whatever stirs our hearts. And there is plenty in the neighborhood to stir a heart--signs of rapid change, cancer care buildings, green life trying to find its way through concrete, etc.

We hope that the camera walks will help folks from Union get to know South Lake Union better, and open our eyes to the way God would have us partner with him in caring for it.
Everyone is welcome and all ages will be accommodated. This activity works well with our groups' vision for people of different generations to be in relationship with one another. What better way to spend time with a non-peer than on a walk?

Just before noon, people on the camera walk will join with the folks who have been with our dear Skyline residents at--you guessed it--the South Lake Grill upstairs room. It will be great to see you there are share our experiences from two G2G sites!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Exeter to Skyline

(Thanks to Jen Wroblewski for composing this post.)

For over three years, we have used our fourth Sunday ministry time to visit and sing old familiar hymns with the Health Care Unit residents of Exeter House. Hymns like Amazing Grace, In the Garden, and Old Rugged Cross break through to these older adults, often flooding them with memories of younger years and rekindling their faith. Visits afterwards usually include a parade of our kids, hugs or shoulder pats, and talking some about our lives.

Recently, the Generation to Generation Community Group followed these precious folks to their brand new space at Skyline at 9th and Cherry, just a few blocks away but miles higher in elegance and light. The common area is light filled with action packed views of birds flying in and out of the downtown buildings and people walking on sidewalks below.

If you've been wondering whether to join us the last Sunday of the month to minister and be ministered to, get the lead out and meet us in the lobby of Skyline at 9th and Cherry. You can't beat the view of the city or the faces of residents and Union folks singing hymns to our Creator.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Franklins and Fourth Sundays

Now that me and mine have actually moved to South Lake Union, we're taking some time to get to know what goes on here and praying about how we might become meaningfully involved.

One of the things that is really important to us is to know the churches, so Josh and I and the girls are using fourth Sundays to get to know the Sunday morning specific things around here.

A few weeks ago we went to Immanuel Lutheran, a church whose steeple we see outside our window everyday. It was really great to be on the inside, to participate in the liturgy, sing along with the people of God, and hear about the different ministries they have going on (most notably helping people transition from homelessness and keeping up a large food bank and hygiene program). We look forward to crossing paths with Immanuel Lutheran more in the future, and connecting Union with Immanuel however God might lead.

Of course, using these Sundays to get to know the neighborhood means that we can't be with the residents we have shared fourth Sundays for almost three years. This is one of those times we wish we could be two places at once! Please know that we are remembering you as you take
time to engage with these dear ones.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


From the beginning, we wanted to connect with "nursing home" residents in South Lake Union. Until recently, there was no such facility in the neighborhood. Now that there is, we're wondering how we might engage the people there, as we keep meeting with our dear friends at Exeter House.

Since it's a little like starting from scratch, I found these tips from a website to help us keep it all in mind as we move forward.

-Look beyond the physical appearance of the ill or elderly people. Think of them as individuals with the same hopes and fears as you. Most nursing home residents have pictures of themselves when they were younger. Imagine all of the experiences they've had over their lifetimes. Look at the pictures and mementos brought from home to decorate their rooms. Each person is individual and unique.

-Remember that even if someone is confused or comatose, there is a chance of reaching him by touch and presence. Connect to these people by holding their hands or looking into their eyes. Even people with end-stage Alzheimer's respond to kindness and affection.

-Talk to younger children about the visit before you go. Explain to them that they may see elderly people in wheelchairs and with walkers and prepare them for the fact that some may not respond to them. Be prepared to answer their questions about catheters, different odors and confused or comatose people. Read some books with your children to help them understand about the elderly and nursing homes. A few of these are "Sunshine Home" by Eve Bunting, "Remember That" by Leslea Newman and "Old People, Frogs and Albert" by Nancy Hope Wilson.

-Get to know the caregivers and introduce yourself to residents. Find out when events are scheduled and participate if possible. When you get to know some of the residents, you'll feel more comfortable. Most elderly people enjoy being around children, and this gives children a chance to realize that the elderly are regular people who have interesting things to tell about their lives.

-Call in advance to see when it would be convenient for you to visit. Show the same respect you would if you were visiting someone in her home. Make sure your visit doesn't interfere with planned activities, such as bathing, exercise or meals. You want to have a relaxed visit. Plan to do the same things with the person you are visiting that you would do if you visited in her home. You may enjoy watching television together, playing cards or just sitting and talking. Don't feel like you have to force an unnatural situation just because you're visiting her in a nursing home.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Worship Service in Denny Park July 5th--Participate Now by Commenting

On July 5th at 10am, we (Generation to Generation C3) are hosting Union Church to a simple worship gathering in Denny Park. Everyone is welcome. The major emphasis will be on praying for the neighborhood of South Lake Union, and the whole thing will be planned with all ages in mind as participants.

Please post a comment (that means you!) by clicking on the title of this post and scrolling down--to let us know if you can make it, and to go ahead and start praying (that's right--we're putting words to our prayers starting here, on this blog). The info below is just to help inform us about the neighborhood a bit. If you have any trouble at all leaving a comment, you can email it to Molly and she'll be happy to post it for you. No problem at all.

We'll incorporate the prayers written here into the service. So, even if you can't be there, you can be a part of it by joining us in prayer for the neighborhood of South Lake Union, and giving us a way to give voice to your prayer in a Real Life community setting.


* South Lake Union is now one of Seattle's designated Urban Centers. The population roughly doubled between 2000-2007, and by 2024 more than 10,000 people are expected to live in SLU.

* In the 2000 Census, 2,231 people lived in Cascade. The median household income was $21,605 and 26% of residents made less than $10,000 a year. (For comparison, in 2000 the median income for Wedgwood was $62,784.)

* Vulcan, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's investment company, owns about 60 acres of SLU, which is about 30% of the total private property.

* Vulcan developments include high-end condos (Rollin St, Veer) and apartments (Alcyone, Alley24) but also the Borealis Apartments for those earning less than 80% of the King County median household income.

* Additional new low-income housing in SLU includes Denny Park Apartments, Lakeview Apartments, and Cascade Senior Housing which have much lower income limits (for example, Lakeview's limit is 40% of median income).

* Many of the older apartment buildings in SLU are owned by non-profits such as the Low-Income Housing Institute, Housing Resources Group, and Capitol Hill Housing.


* In 2007, there were about 22,000 jobs in SLU. Seattle is projecting 16,000 additional jobs by 2024, including's new campus.


* Coast Salish Native Americans had recently lived south of Lake Union when a lumber company built a sawmill near where the Armory is now. Workers settled nearby and soon after Denny Park (1883) and Denny School (1884) were built.

* In 1957, Seattle removed residential zoning from SLU and tore out about 7 square blocks of buildings to construct I-5 along Eastlake Ave and access ramps along Mercer.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Formerly “Exeter C3” but still going to Exeter

We did it! Thanks everyone for the great feedback about the name transition. "Exeter House" has officially grown into "Generation to Generation." Of course, we'll still meet at Exeter House Retirement Community every 4th Sunday morning to engage with residents through an old fashioned "hymn sing" and time as a group afterward. The broader framework of "Generation to Generation" will help us live out God's dream for generations to to be in relationship with one another—in other communities of elderly folks, in the neighborhood of South Lake Union, and within Union Church itself. May we come alongside each other in new ways, and as many of you pointed out, may what we do always be about generations ministering to one another.

Special Gathering March 8th

Normally on a second Sunday morning we meet at the Armory with “the big Union,” but we’ll be having a CHANGE OF VENUE on Sunday, March 8th. The Center for Wooden Boats' yearly auction will be using the Armory all weekend which allows us to spread our wings and do something different. Union will be meeting in community groups at various locations including the 415 Westlake Building to gather for worship and community building around the focus of grace and a parable about a surprising neighbor.

Our group will gather at the Franklin's (directions below) at 10am.
Should be a delightful time together. See you there!


The Franklins: 5622 20th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

From 15th Ave NE and NE 45th Street, follow 45th to 20th Ave and take a left. After you cross Ravenna Boulevard, which has grassy islands in the middle of it, it's the fifth house on the right--small and grey. You'll see "5624" displayed in the middle of the house and "5622" displayed on the right side. Use the outdoor stairway, to the right and next to the mailbox, to get to 5622, the downstairs unit.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the cell 503-330-8104.